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  • 高效高功率音箱,二分频、用双路功放驱动的系统适用于舞台应用,用作非常强大的台前补声或剧院楼厅下区补声
  • 2 x 8寸反射式低音单元和2.5寸钛振膜压缩驱动器,负载到可控的指向性号角(120°x 25°)
  • 低音单元的设计,在不影响声场覆盖和保真度的情况下最大化视线
  • 所有面板上都集成了M8吊装点,以满足演出应用或固定安装的一系列安装和吊挂需求
  • 箱体采用桦木胶合板制成,并使用螺丝和防水酚醛胶组装,表面采用防水防刮的黑色喷漆处理
  • 超紧凑型和高声压级(在1m距离上产生137 dB峰值声压级)
  • High efficiency, high power loudspeaker enclosure 2-way bi-amped system to be used on stage as very powerful lip-fill or hung as under-balcony fill

  • 2 x reflex-loaded 8” woofers and 2.5” compression driver with titanium diaphragm loaded onto very controlled directivity horn (120° x 25°)
  • A low profile cabinet design to maximise sight-lines without compromising coverage and fidelity
  • Integrated M8 hardware on all panels to meet a wide range of mounting and flying requirements for touring applications or fixed installation use
  • Built in birch plywood and assembled using screws and water-resistant phenolic glue. Completed with waterproof scratch-resistant black paint finish
  • High SPL (137 dB SPL peak @ 1 m) from ultra-compact dimensions.

LIPF 082 is the most recent design to complement the larger element based Touring products by Outline. The LIPF 082 can be integrated into these systems as stage fill or under balcony fill as it uses the same fundamental components and delivers the same characteristics as these previous element designs. LIPF 082 offers leading edge performance from a cabinet that is extraordinarily compact and light-weight. Its top-grade components – two 8-inch mid-woofers with Neodymium magnets and a 2.5-inch voice coil compression driver – ensure insignificant distortion levels and greater reliability. LIPF 082 is a reference point in its category. Used as Lip-fill with Butterfly, Mantas or GTO the dead spots across the front of the stage are now catered for by this specific product.

LIPF 082 weighs just 23.2 kilograms (51.1 pounds) and measures 24.3 (9.6”) x 65.3 (25.7”) x 41cm (16.1”) LIPF 082 is used in bi-amp format. Two amplifier channels will power the two 8-inch mid woofers (LF-MF section) and the 2.5-inch compression driver (HF section) separately. LIPF 082 clearly has a good cost to efficiency ratio: with just two amplifiers, eight lip-fill can be correctly powered. This amount of cabinets ensures good SPL across the front of a large stage.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 60 Hz – 20 kHz
Vertical: 25°
IMPEDANCE Mid: 8 Ω (min 6.6 Ω)
High: 16 Ω (min 11.9 Ω)
POWER – WAES Mid: 400 (1600 peak)
High: 80 (320 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, free-field* 137 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING Mid: 2 x 8″ NdFeB bass reflex, direct radiation woofers
High: 1 x 2.5″ diaphragm compression driver on high directivity wave guide
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 23.2 kg (51.1 lb)
DIMENSIONS (Net) Height: 243 mm (9 9/16″)
Width: 654 mm (25 3/4″)
Depth: 410 mm (16 5/32″)
* calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal


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