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  • 下区补声音箱,是GTO整套解决方案的一部分
  • 模块化设计为其他GTO系列音箱一样具有相同的容积
  • 用作阵列的下区补声,以覆盖前排观众的声场
  • 高效中高频单元,使用4 x 8寸钕磁中音单元和2 x 3寸振膜压缩驱动器,安装在专利声透镜上,耦合到特殊的非对称“V-Power”挡板(在GTO全频元件也被采用)
  • 使用双路功放驱动,极高的输入功率(3200W+1000W AES峰值),极高的声压级(1m距离上产生144.5dB峰值声压级)
  • 配备高精确度的GTO吊挂系统,以实现准确的定向和声场覆盖
  • 广泛的内部龙骨支撑,以确保最大的坚固性
  • 标准的GTO推车方便装卸和运输,“2只向上”堆叠在单个推车上
  • “Open Array”3D声学模拟软件的设计文档可供使用
  • 与GTO系列搭配用作下区补声
  • 非常适合用于现场表演项目、体育场馆和演唱项目

  • Down-Fill element to form part of the GTO turnkey solution
  • Modular design to offer identical footprint to all other GTO system elements
  • Designed as the bottom cabinet within the array to cover the first section of the audience
  • High efficiency mid-high element incorporating 4 x 8” mid-range neodymium drive-units and 2 x 3” diaphragm compression drivers on a proprietary acoustic lens, coupled to a special asymmetric ‘V-Power’ baffle (as found in the GTO full range element)
  • Designed for bi-amplification Very high power handling (3200 + 1000 watts AES peak) and sound pressure (max 144.5 dB SPL peak at 1 metre)
  • Equipped with the high-precision GTO Rigging system to allow actuate aiming and coverage.
  • Extensive internal bracing to ensure the utmost sturdiness
  • Standard GTO trolley-board aids handling and transportation. Stacked ‘2-up’ on a single board
  • Design file available within the ‘OpenArray’ 3D acoustic simulation software
  • Designed as the down-fill section within the GTO range
  • Ideal in “live” arena, festival, and stadium concerts

GTO-DF是一款专有的“下区补声”音箱,使用基于相位音频路径的新款设计波导管。 为前几排的观众提供出色的优质声音,填补了舞台前排常见的声音缺口。 以其向下定向的恒定指向号角和嵌入式声学透镜,用作GTO阵列的下区补声。

GTO-DF与GTO全频音箱机械性能完全相同,并且在声学上与之匹配,易于集成到吊挂阵列中。 GTO-DF的独特之处在0°到-25°的垂直扩散范围,以确保将声音精确定向观众而不是舞台。 这种声学透镜的发展促进了比常见相关产品更加紧凑的设计。 专利的波导管提供从315 Hz到17.5 kHz的120°水平覆盖范围。

GTO-DF适用于大型项目应用,是GTO整套解决方案的一部分。 GTO系列非常适合需要不折不扣的音频质量的项目。 该产品具有出色的电声功率转换能力。 GTO-DF可用频率在+/- 3 dB为250 Hz~17.8 kHz。

灵敏度为自由场105 dB(中频)和101 dB(高频)。 800 W(中频)和250 W(高频)的最大连续AES输入功率可在自由场提供134 dB(中频)和125 dB(高频)的功率输出,而峰值输出功率值可达到144 dB(中频)和135 dB(高频)。

GTO-DF箱体采用优质的15mm(酚醛胶合)波罗的海桦木胶合板制成,通过龙骨支撑以提高箱体的刚性。 表面采用防刮防水的黑色喷漆处理。 GTO推车“2只向上”的设计,有助于在平坦或不平坦的表面上装卸和运输。 箱体的侧面嵌入集成把手,在搬运过程中用于正面紧握。 防风雨保护帽也是整套方案的一部分 - 包装。

与扬声器的连接使用两种类型的连接器并联连接,分别是:一个NL4连接中频单元的1 + / 1- 接点,和高频单元的2 + / 2- 接点,以及一个LKI-8连接中频单元的E / F接点,和高频单元的G / H接点。

The GTO-DF is a proprietary ‘Down-Fill’ enclosure incorporating a newly-designed waveguide based on phased audio paths. It is engineered to provide exceptionally high quality sound to the first several rows of the audience at an event, filling the sonic gap often experienced by event attendees who are seated near the stage. With its downward oriented constant directivity horn with embedded acoustic lens, it is designed to reside on the bottom of a GTO array.

GTO-DF is mechanically identical to, and acoustically matched with, the GTO full-range cabinet, so it can be easily added to a flying array. Unique to the GTO-DF is a vertical dispersion range of zero-degrees to minus 25-degrees to ensure precision aiming of the sound into the audience and not onto the stage. The development of this acoustic lens has facilitated a much more compact design than is normally associated with products of this type. The proprietary waveguide offers 120-degrees of horizontal coverage from 315 Hz to 17.5 kHz.

The GTO-DF is intended for large-scale applications, as part of the GTO-turnkey solution. The GTO range is ideally suited to projects that demand no-compromise audio quality. This product is capable of outstanding electrical to acoustic power conversion. The GTO-DF has a useable frequency +/-3 dB from 250 Hz to 17.8 kHz.

The sensitivity is 105 dB SPL (for the mid frequencies) and 101 dB SPL (high frequencies) in free field. A maximum continuous AES input power of 800 W (mids) and 250 W (highs) will provide a power output of 134 dB SPL in free-field (mids) and 125 dB SPL (highs), while peak output power values can reach 144 dB SPL (mids) and 135 dB SPL (highs).

The GTO-DF’s high quality cabinet is constructed from 15 mm (phenolic-glued) baltic birch plywood and includes bracing throughout to increase the overall cabinet rigidity. The outer finish applied is a scratch-resistant, waterproof black paint. GTO trolley-board designed for ‘2-up’ aids handling and transporting on even or uneven surfaces. Recessed integrated handles in the side panels of the cabinet are used for a positive grip during handling. Weather protective shower caps also form part of the turnkey -package.

Connection to the loudspeaker comes in the form of two types of connector, wired in parallel. These are: one NL4 wired pins 1+/1- for midrange drivers, pins 2+/2- for HF compression drivers plus one LKI-8 wired pins E/F for midrange drivers and pins G/H for HF compression drivers.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 200 Hz – 18.5 kHz
Vertical: from +0° to -25° (on axis -12.5°)
IMPEDANCE Mid: 8 Ω (min 6.8 Ω)
High: 16 Ω (min 16.7 Ω)
POWER – WAES Mid: 800 (3200 peak)
High: 250 (1000 peak)
MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, free-field* 144.5 dB SPL
LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOADING Mid: 4 x 8″ NdFeB partially horn loaded mid woofers
High: 2 x 3″ diaphragm NdFeB compression driver loaded by acoustic lenses coupled to a constant directivity horn
WEIGHT – SINGLE UNIT 78 kg (172 lb)
DIMENSIONS (Net) Height: 465 mm (18 5/16″)
Width: 1126 mm (44 11/32″)
Depth: 655 mm (25 25/32″)
DIMENSIONS (With Pins) Height: 465 mm (18 5/16″)
Width: 1181 mm (46 1/2″)
Depth: 655 mm (25 25/32″)
* calculated using +10 dB crest-factor signal
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